Estate Planning Oakville

Estate Planning In The City Of Oakville

We help families who live in Oakville with estate planning. We provide comprehensive services aimed at minimizing the challenges faced by executors. It is our objective to ensure that in the case of crisis, your family should not only be in charge of your assets but also the wealth passing on to them should be maximized. Our track record and wealth of experience makes us a good choice for your estate planning service provider in Oakville.

We provide families with high-quality estate planning resources. We create a conducive environment where you feel comfortable discussing important issues regarding your family. Our obligation is to use sound techniques that include Living Trusts, Wills, Powers of Attorney, Irrevocable trusts, living wills and charitable gifting strategies to keep your assets safe, reduce court intervention, income, estate and capital gains tax. We also explain to you how to protect your children against being disinherited where your spouse chooses to remarry.

We work on the premise that your estate planning needs are unique to you; thus, we haven’t tried to take a straight line approach rather, we customize solutions for individual clients. We shall help you to:

–    Appoint a trustee or guardian to take care of personal and financial care of minors.

–    Appoint a competent executor to be in charge of your estate distribution.

–    Protect gifts you leave to your loved ones against taxes.

–    Prevent loss to your estate resulting from estate tax.

–    Dealing with US assets.

–    Avoid unnecessary expenses occasioned by court involvement.

We also offer estate plan review by assisting clients to preserve their wealth. We liaise with our client’s financial advisors to ensure that our client’s financial plan resonates with estate plan for the maximum benefit of the client.

With us you get:

–    The right approach to client Attorney relations. Real trusted Lawyer-client relationship.

–    Highly qualified and experienced  lawyer provides quality advice and guidance on Estate planning services.

–    A holistic approach to estate planning.

–    Honest, objective and independent advice.

–    Competitive prices across Oakville.

Get in touch and let us help you in arriving at the right decisions. Trust us to provide you with peace of mind.