Probate Oakville

Probate Services In The City Of Oakville

Probate is the process that confirms executor authority to distribute assets of a deceased’s estate. When someone is appointed a trustee or executor of an estate they may have to apply to the court for a certificate giving them the legal approval to deal with the assets of the estate. The court that legally confirms the authority of executors by issuing a certificate known in Ontario as a “Certificate of Appointment of Estate Trustee With (or Without) a Will”. We provide an effective and convenient way of applying for a grant of probate (now called Certificate of Appointment) or letters of administration if the deceased did not leave a Will in Ontario Canada.

Our expert and friendly Estates Lawyer can assist you in determining what needs to be done in order to administer the Estate and in carrying out your responsibilities:

  • preparing the application for your appointment as Estate Trustee
  • offering advice on the duties of an Estate Trustee
  • providing opinions about the interpretation of the Will
  • notifying banks and other financial institutions of the testator’s death and obtaining values of the estate assets as of the date of death
  • arranging for the registration of assets in the name of the Estate Trustee
  • preparing survivorship applications for property held in joint tenancy
  • assisting with maintaining proper estate accounts so that they can be submitted to the Court for approval if necessary
  • arranging for the preparation and filing of tax returns and the obtaining of tax clearances, and
  • preparing and obtaining receipts from beneficiaries for inheritances delivered.

Our Estates/Probate Lawyer is the lawyer of choice in Oakville owing to his wealth of experience and expertise in tackling probate matters.   Our Probate lawyer provides a personal and experienced service to clients whose loved ones have died and who need expert legal assistance with probate and estate administration.