Real Estate Lawyer Oakville

Real Estate and Wills & Estates Lawyer Oakville

I have been a Real Estate and Wills & Estates lawyer for over 20 years in the Greater Toronto Area and have recently launched mobile legal services, based out of Oakville, to meet client needs.  I have set up a virtual law office so I can provide personal and specialised “house calls” to Oakvillians and those living in the Greater Toronto Area.

It became evident to me that it is often difficult for clients to come into my office to sign papers for their closing or to do a Will/Estate probate because of their family and work commitments or health and mobility issues.  It just made sense for me to offer mobile legal services or as some of my clients like to call it “my lawyer makes house calls”.  I will travel to clients’ home (within the GTA area) or any other place of their choosing, free of charge.

We offer specialized and mobile Real Estate legal services and Wills & Estates/Probate legal services to the general community of Oakville and area, including Burlington, Mississauga, Milton, Brampton, Etobicoke, etc.  My hope is that these new mobile legal services help to make my services accessible to everyone and make things a little bit easier, often during a very stressful time.  My promise is that I will deliver my legal services with integrity and a personalized touch for a stress-free experience every time.

I often hear people ask,” Do I really need a real estate lawyer?”   The answer is yes.  First, a real estate lawyer is legally required in any transfer of property in Ontario.  Secondly and perhaps more importantly, having an experienced, competent real estate lawyer makes good business sense because of the complexities that come with real estate.  Your lawyer will help protect your interests at all times which is the true value-added benefit of a competent real estate lawyer.

We have an excellent track record and over 20 years of expertise in providing our clients with worry-free and affordable real estate legal services that exceeds our clients’ expectation.  We serve only our client’s best interests.

The other question I hear a lot is, “Do I need legal advice when making my will”?  You do not need to get legal advice, but because a will and other estate planning documents are legal documents, it is a good idea to have your will prepared by a lawyer.  Will kits and guides can help you get organized, but they can’t deal with everything.  A lawyer will make sure that all your documents are prepared and witnessed properly.  While a lawyer’s time and advice cost money, a lawyer can ensure that you’ve considered all aspects of your estate’s distribution – and draft a will that reflects your wishes.  If you are an appointed estate trustee in a will and the person has passed away, a lawyer will help guide you through the process to make sure everything is done correctly.  This will protect you as the Estate Trustee (formerly called executor) from future claims by beneficiaries of the Will.   The lawyer will help you obtain the probate of the Will (now called Certificate of Appointment).

We have assisted many families through the very personal, emotional and, at times, complicated process of planning their estate.   We draw upon our legal expertise because everyone’s situation is unique, and we listen intently to clearly understand your wishes.

Give us a call and I will conveniently deliver over 20 years of Real Estate and Wills/Estates expertise to your door!