Refinancing Mortgage Oakville

Refinancing Mortgage Oakville – Thomas Lorenz

Refinancing mortgage involves making payments more manageable to the borrower. Changing your mortgage is a complicated procedure that comes with both substantive and procedural challenges. We offer competent Refinancing Mortgage legal services to borrowers around Oakville. Depending on the circumstances involving your mortgage, our Refinancing services will be tailored to address them in the most suitable and effective manner.
Our experienced mortgage refinancing experts will deal with factors that may arise while refinancing a mortgage which include:

• Availability

Refinancing a mortgage is not always available for the homeowner. Availability will mostly depend on the individual terms of the contract that the borrower might have entered with the lender. Another factor that might affect the availability of mortgage is the state laws. Our lawyers will comb through your contract with the lender to find out whether it allows mortgage refinancing and also check whether the state law allows the same.

• Negotiation

Using various strategies to negotiate a mortgage loan could result in substantial savings. Most borrowers are intimidated by the loan process and end up paying more than they are supposed. We take our clients through the fees they are obligated to pay and also point out fees that the lender is charging for sole purposes of increasing his profits. We always argue that a borrower with a good credit score should pay less compared with one with a lower score. Owing to the importance of the credit score, we insist the borrower to request his credit score to find out and correct any wrong entries before beginning the loan process. Where the process is on-going, we request for rescoring where there are errors. We also believe that the lender pays administrative costs like loan processing or courier fees.

• Foreclosure Sale

In cases where there is a notice of intended mortgage sell, we negotiate with the banks lawyer for some relief while you wait for loan approval from another financier or while you attempt to sell the property yourself.

• Encumbrances

We run a thorough check on the title for mortgage lenders to establish factors that could affect the marketability of the title such as previous mortgages, registered easements, certificates of pending litigations and liens.
If you intend to refinance your mortgage, or you are in the process of doing so, phone us today and let us handle for you these complicated and tedious process. Experience our high-quality Mortgage Refinancing legal services.