Mortgage Lawyer Oakville – Thomas Lorenz

Why Choose Thomas Lorenz as your Lawyer?

We are the mortgage lawyers of choice around Oakville. Clients benefit from our outstanding professional high quality and cost effective mortgage legal services. Every mortgage situation requires a unique solution, and so we tailor solutions to individual circumstances. Our mortgage lawyers who have vast experience in handling mortgage matters aim at achieving high standards of professionalism at all times.

Review of Documents

Thomas Lorenz Lawyer will inspect and review all relevant documents such as mortgage loan documents and Tittle for common mistakes.
We are experts at identifying predatory loans. Call us today and find out whether your loan is pegged to high-interest rates. Your lender could be employing negative amortization loan structure such that the principal remains high despite making payments towards it.

Mortgage Fraud

As an expert Lawyer we are on the lookout for common mortgage fraud violations committed by the lender. Some of the common violations are dual tracking where the lender moves on with foreclosure while on the other hand offering to modify the loan facility. Negligence acts of the lender where he tells you for instance that he never received your modification documents or where he unreasonably keeps losing documents. We task ourselves with examining and evaluating the original terms of the promissory note, identifying unconscionable loan terms created by the lender which violates the law and amount to foreclosure fraud and also assistance in negotiations with the lender to resolve the dispute.

Friendly Team

With increased cases of Mortgage fraud, it is advisable for borrowers to take the necessary steps to protect against losing their hard-earned money to unscrupulous lenders. Let Thomas Lorenz, your friendly lawyer assist you with excellent advice and guidance on mortgage issues. We offer total solutions to all your mortgage problems. Expert mortgage lawyers will handle the intricacies associated with your mortgage, work with your mortgage loan officer and sellers Attorney to ensure your interests are protected. Do not be fooled by sophisticated fraudsters, let us insulate you against them.